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$40 Million - Truck accident

The truck struck an overpass which causes the container to be separated from the truck. The container struck a car on the road, killing a 63-year-old man. After a trial, the jury awarded $29 million plus interest totaling $40 million.

$35 Million - Subway Accident

A Brooklyn man was attacked and in order to escape his assailants, ran onto the subway tracks. As he was running a subway train on a straight away with the motorman who was speeding and two hours into overtime struck him. He was paralyzed from the chest down and could not control his bowels or bladder.

$27 Million - Slip and Fall

A man in his 50s in Manhattan fell off of a ladder. The fall resulted in a violation of the labor law and caused the gentleman severe and permanent brain injury. The case went to trial in New York County. The jury came back and returned a verdict in his favor for the $27 million

$23 Million - Motorcycle Accident.

A truck negligently came in to contact with the rider causing severe injuries including spinal surgery. The Queens Jerry came back with the verdict of $23 million against the against the owners and drivers of the truck owners and drivers

$19.5 Million - Train Accident

A Bronx man was injured when he was exiting an MTA train and his leg got caught in the gap. The conductor failed to notice him and started to pull away from the platform dragging the man while his leg broke and ultimately was crushed. He spent over a year in rehabilitation and months in the hospital trying to recover from the injury. A Bronx jury awarded him $19.5 million after the trial.

$12 Million - Bus Accident

A Long Island man was parked in his van when an MTA bus struck his vehicle. The impact of the bus caused our client serious spinal injuries that required surgery.