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Brooklyn Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice happens when a patient experiences an injury from receiving care not up to acceptable medical standards. A dentist, family doctor, licensed nurse, physician, pharmacist, or other types of healthcare providers and facilities, can commit this negligent treatment or act. Sufferers of medical malpractice can vary from newborn babies who are hurt during a mother’s delivery which may cause side effects like a brain injury or even spinal injury to adults who are given unnecessary medical procedures which may cause severe disfigurement or even wrongful death.

While compensatory and punitive damages are appropriate in other lawsuits including personal injury claims or workers compensation claims, our Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer team will concentrate on:

  • Compensatory Damages
    Compensatory damages are needed to reimburse a patient for such issues like the need to pay for corrective surgery or medical treatment, to reimburse lost wages and to help offset physical impairment or disfigurement. Each Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer in our office will seek a satisfactory amount of damages to compensate the patient for the negligent act so that the patient will be in a better position than prior to the negligent treatment. These damages also apply in other injury cases as well, including workplace accident claims, an injury from a slip and fall incident, or an injury suffered due to a car accident.

  • Punitive Damages
    On your behalf, the firm’s Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyers will ask for punitive damages to punish a health care provider’s reckless behavior. Punitive damages are a way to help prevent a similar incident or to deter a wrongdoer from committing the negligent action again.

If negligent actions of any health care provider are the cause of a patient’s injury or accident, our Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyers will concentrate on several matters of concern. Our New York Injury Attorney team will focus on whether the medical treatment was needed for a patient’s treatment or condition. In some instances, a surgeon may have carried out the incorrect surgery on an individual or operated on someone when it was not needed. This is an example of medical malpractice. Some medical malpractice situations involve the lack of initial testing or a misinterpretation of those first tests.

Other examples of malpractice by a physician, surgeon, nurse, or hospital include:

  • A health care provider who misdiagnoses an individual’s symptoms;
  • A surgeon operating on a patient without informed permission of the patient;
  • An anesthesiologists failure to notice a patient reacting poorly to anesthesia;
  • A physician who left medical tool inside of someone;
  • The utilization of a faulty medical device;
  • Obstetrician delaying the birth of a child although there are signs of problems; and
  • A registered nurse giving a patient the wrong medicine.

New York law gives any Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Lawyer an initial statue of limitations of two years and six months to file the medical malpractice lawsuit against the family doctor, surgeon, or healthcare clinic that is responsible for the incident. If the patient’s injury is caused by a foreign object that was left in their body, the patient will have one year from when the item was forgotten or one year starting from when the provider should have noticed the item.

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