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Nassau County Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the result of a surgeon, doctor, certified nurse aide, radiology technician, pharmacist or other medical provider performing a negligent act or providing less than adequate care causing injury to a patient. A medical malpractice victim could be a baby not delivered properly to an adult permanently disabled or otherwise, impaired from a medical procedure.

Compensatory and punitive damages are appropriate in medical malpractice cases and other cases involving personal injury from a car accident or even from a construction accident. When a medical malpractice claim occurs, our Nassau County Medical Malpractice Lawyers will turn their attention to:

  • Compensatory Damages
    Compensatory damage is recovery for losses incurred as the result of below average care. This includes repayment for procedures necessary to correct the injury or restitution for wages lost, or possibly compensation for permanent impairment or deformation. The Nassau County Medical Malpractice Lawyer seeks to obtain substantial compensation to advance the victim to a better capacity than before the misbehavior of the provider.

  • Punitive Damages

    Our Nassau County Medical Malpractice Lawyer team also seeks punitive damages in an effort to discipline the negligent medical worker. Punitive damages strive to prevent incidents in the future or discourage others from carrying out similar mistakes.

When a medical malpractice case is brought to the attention to our Nassau Medical Malpractice Lawyer group, there are many things to be considered. First, it must be established if the treatment and care was imperative for the well-being of the individual. For instance, a patient could have received the wrong surgery or when it was not necessary. Improper testing or failing to correctly read test results can often lead to this type of situation.

Other instances of misconduct by medical professionals may include:

  • misdiagnosis of symptoms by a doctor resulting in a wrongful death;
  • failure to obtain the proper consent or permission from patient as required before a surgery;
  • the adverse reaction to anesthesia not caught by the anesthesiologist causing the patient a brain injury or resulting in a coma;
  • leaving a surgical instrument in a patient’s body;
  • medical devices that are dysfunctional;
  • delayed delivery of a child regardless of indications of distress; and
  • the wrong medication prescribed to a patient.

The statute of limitations in New York for the filing of lawsuits by any New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer is thirty months from the injury date. However, in the case of a foreign body left inside the body of a patient, the Medical Malpractice Lawyer has only twelve months from when the object should have been discovered or the date it was left.

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